How To Successfully Sell High Ticket Coaching Online Even If Nobody Knows You Yet

Selling high ticket coaching online isn´t rocket science. The most successful coaches know these strategies. Discover what you´re missing.

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To sell high ticket coaching online you need these ingredients…

70% mindset and 30% mechanics.

Let me share with you a quick story to illustrate this.

A few years ago, I was watching a virtual training from a mentor of mine. He had been selling high ticket programs successfully for a long time.
In fact, a year after meeting him, he was doing over $10,000,00 online from high ticket offers.

I remember one day, I was sitting at my home office, had my laptop open, immersing myself in his teachings when all of a sudden he said something that completely rocked my boat.

He said…

“In order to sell at a premium, you must become a premium client yourself.”

I was blown away by this statement, I´m sure everybody watching that training was dead silent too.

The High Ticket Mindset

He was completely right.
On another presentation of his, somebody in the mastermind was complaining like a 6-year-old who didn’t get the lollipop. “Man, I´ve been trying to sell these high ticket packages, but I´m having a hard time.”

All it took was one question to get to the bottom of the issue…

My mentor asked him, “well, have you ever bought a high ticket coaching program yourself?”

The gentleman with an almost arrogant tone swiftly replied, “oh, no I would never do that!”

Do you see the problem here? If you find yourself in the same situation at this point, then you know what you need to do.

How Much Are You Worth?

Another block that prevents coaches from selling at a premium is that they don´t believe in themselves. They don´t think they are worth $5000, $10000, or even $50000.

This can be fixed by doing some internal work.

It doesn´t happen overnight, by the way. Investing in a high ticket program can help you create belief in yourself and your value. I still remember the first time I had to pull out $5000 for a program from my bank account… it was scary!

Once you pay $5K to someone then selling that amount will not be a problem. It´s all about comfort zones. The more you invest in yourself and pay others, the more you´ll be comfortable charging because you´ll know what it feels like to invest what you´re asking…

… and guess what, if you don´t know what it feels like, your prospects will sense your disbelief, and in most cases, won´t buy.

To charge a premium, you must become a premium customer yourself.

Transformation Not Information

If you´re like most coaches online, you charge per session. It could be $100, $200, or even more for a couple of sessions. Sometimes, they can be paid hourly.

There´s a big problem with this model. I believe it´s broken.

Let me ask you… can you change someone´s life or business in 3 coaching calls? How about in 1? Almost impossible.

With this coaching model, you´re selling information, “feel good for a while” and your clients, most of the time, don´t get any results. How can they?

sell high ticket coaching

The high ticket model allows you to charge enough money, work with someone long enough so they can get the best results possible… and have more freedom to do what you really enjoy. Isn´t that why you started your business in the first place?

It´s no longer about selling information. At this point, you´re providing transformation and the right people will pay anything to get it.

The Irresistible Offer

A lot of times entrepreneurs think their product is an offer. That´s actually not true. You might be thinking, “what´s the difference, Pedro?”

A product is a commodity, like for example an iPhone. You can get it anywhere you want and if given a choice, you´d buy from the store that had the best deal. Am I right?
On the other hand, an offer is made of not just the product but other value-added components.

For instance, just an iPhone might cost you $500.
An iPhone with access to marketing training that people pay $25000 a year to get, instant access to a multi-millionaire mentor to answer your questions anytime you´re stuck in your business, and a compilation of the 100 best marketing books ever, worth over $2000…

… that´s an offer. Now all of a sudden this iPhone has just become way more valuable and you probably wouldn´t mind paying $3000 for it.

Market To A Few

If you´ve never heard of the term avatar, it´s a fancy marketing term to describe your dream customer.

There´s nothing worst than waking up feeling anxious and sick to your stomach because you have to serve customers you wouldn´t even go to dinner with.

As a coach and expert, you need to get clear on your message. This comes with practice and trying a bunch of things that don´t work. However, your marketing message can´t be generic if you´re selling high-ticket coaching.

Let me give you an example:

  • Generic: “I help entrepreneurs overcome limiting beliefs around money.”
  • Specific: “I help purpose-driven entrepreneurs scale their business beyond $1M a year by clearing hidden money mindset blocks.”

What message do you think would get you those dream customers?

In marketing, you attract what you put out. A generic message will give you all entrepreneurs, the ones you want and don´t want to serve.

You can´t be generic, it will be a painful journey in business, trust me.

Funnel Them In

Now, you might be wondering, “what the heck is a funnel?”

“Isn´t that like a website or landing page?”

Let me explain as if you were 8 years old.

A funnel is kind of like a cake with multiple layers, each layer has its unique flavor and grows in intensity. The layers can change position and be interchanged between cake recipes.

There´s a lot of different types of funnels, but they all give you the same result, help grow your business on autopilot, get your message out and impact lives.

Do You Really Need A Website?

You probably have one already.

But do you really need it? I mean, can you rely on it to attract your dream coaching clients?
My guess is that you can´t, otherwise you wouldn´t have checked this blog post.

You see, a website isn´t meant to convert well. “What… I thought all I needed was a good website!”

I thought that as well, a few years ago. You´ve probably been told as well that your website is the most important piece of your business… I wish that was true, not anymore.

We do have a website for PR purposes, other than that it´s just a page with some information and not the best way to attract high ticket dream customers on demand.

sell high ticket coaching online

Traffic On Demand

The internet has given us such a gift previous generations didn´t have.

These days, getting traffic to your website or funnels is so easy. As an ad agency owner, I can tell you the hardest part is converting that traffic.

Much like cakes, not all traffic is baked equally. Some are cold, some are warm, and others hot as hell. You can get free traffic from blogging, podcast, or YouTube channels.

The fastest way to get traffic though is to simply pay Google, Facebook, or any other platform.
You can launch a campaign in 5 minutes today and wake up tomorrow with sales in your dashboard. That´s the beauty of digital advertising.

Traffic Temperature

Traffic is broken down by temperature.

  • Cold: people who don´t know who you are, complete strangers to your brand, business, or message
  • Warm: these are your email subscribers, Facebook page fans, Instagram followers, or podcast listeners
  • Hot: first time and repeat customers as well as long time followers who haven´t bought anything (typically end up becoming your best customers)

Knowing this, you can tailor your message, offers, and funnels to these different audiences. Think of this as each traffic temperature speaks a different language.

We hear entrepreneurs all the time say Facebook or Google ads don´t work, in most cases, simply because they´re speaking one language and the prospects another.
There will be a disconnect and people won´t take action.

A product or service is a commodity. What you really need to succeed online is an offer… or many.

High Ticket Selling Is A Way Of Life

Anyone can sell high ticket coaching online.

With the right mindset, the right tools, message, and offers. But it´s more than that. High ticket selling is a way of life. It´s a way for you to serve your dream customers at the highest level.

You already have a better understanding of how to sell high ticket coaching and absolutely loving your customers.
It´s time to face the boogeyman…

Do the internal work, create offers that bring those dream customers, asking for big money.

This work won´t be easy, I promise. But it will be worth it.

But before you go out there and get those dream clients… we´d love to know what was your main takeaway from this article?


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