9 Best SaaS LinkedIn Ads Examples To Help You Close More Sales Today

This article is to help you get a better return on that investment by closing more sales. The best way to do it? By learning from successful companies.
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LinkedIn ads are often overlooked by many SaaS companies. If you´re reading this, you´re likely not part of that group that keeps ignoring this platform.
Their excuse is that traffic is more expensive. That´s true… and for a reason.

Feed ads can cost you up to $10 per click depending on the niche. But that´s not stopping you, is it? Because you know it´s worth the investment.

This article is to help you get a better return on that investment by closing more sales. The best way to do it? By learning from successful companies.

Let me walk you through the best SaaS LinkedIn ads examples… based on my opinion, of course, and experience. So, keep that in mind.

Before I show you the list, check out what separates average from winning LinkedIn ads.

ABCD Of Winning LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn ads are very similar to Facebook´s, in terms of intent. On Facebook, people are not really looking to buy something. They just happen to buy when they´re sucked in by an ad that triggers their emotions and makes a good offer.

You can say that LinkedIn is more about business and that´s true. However, it´s still interruption marketing. That means you have to understand the audience a lot better than paid search for example.

That being said, let´s take a look at what makes a successful ad on LinkedIn.

A – Keep It Human

You probably already know this. People want to do business with people, not robots. Whatever SaaS business you´re in, remember you´re in the people´s business.

Remember that LinkedIn is very much a social network. A social network in its essence is a native network. So, ads that feel native or that include people will typically perform better. As you´ll discover later, ads that include both a human element and graphics are the ultimate “attention-grabber.”

B – Lead With Benefits

Quit talking about your product features. Very few people care, even in the B2B space. Features are important but your decision-makers are more interested in what the product does than what it has. This is where understanding your ideal customers is so important.

Here´s some basic information you must know about your audience:

  • Who they are
  • What´s their average day
  • Problem they want to solve
  • The dominant desire
  • What can prevent they from buying

The best way to understand your market is to actually interview them, whether over the phone, through a virtual meeting, or by using surveys.

C – Straight To The Point

Statista shows that on average, people spend 33 minutes a day on Facebook. Compare that to the 17 minutes per month on LinkedIn. Yes… per month!
The bottom line is people are in a rush on LinkedIn. You have to keep your advertisements relevant and to the point. One or two lines are enough to get results. Ad copy that´s too long can actually hurt performance here. Remember, say it well, say it fast.

Ad copy that works well on LinkedIn is referred to as direct-response. Short, concise, and with the intention to drive action. An action might be to watch your video, follow your page or visit your website.

D – Branded Creative

This seems like such a simple thing to do. Though many companies still neglect it. I´m talking about including your brand logo on the creative itself. It gives you an extra piece of “branding real estate”, so to speak, helping the audience remember your brand more easily.

Branding is ever more important. It taps into the power of consistency. According to Forbes, consistent branding across all platforms can increase revenue by 23%.
Assuming your audience doesn´t just see your ad on LinkedIn, adding a logo to the creative can make a big difference.

SaaS LinkedIn Ads Examples

Now that you know the simple elements of great LinkedIn ads, let´s take a look at some examples. These will get your brain to build a connection between the theory and what´s actually working out there.

You´ll see many things in common between these ads. That´s because whatever they´re doing, it´s probably working. Remember some of these companies are huge players and are likely spending a fortune to test their ads.

We´ll stick to feed ads only since they´re the most expensive and hardest to pull off successfully.

#9 – CRM

This is likely a remarketing ad from ActiveCampaign. The offer is to join their affiliate program.
It´s quite smart. They´re playing with seasonality, in this case, Christmas and new year’s time. Notice that the creative restates the offer made in the ad copy.

#8 – Marketing Analytics

Oribi uses the power of demonstration with humor to deliver their sales message. You can see from the creative they really understand the audience. There´s a provoking question followed by benefits that are important to Google Analytics users, or in this case, frustrated users.

#7 – Surveys

This ad from Pollfish has exactly what we talked about before. Short, full of benefits and with that important human touch. Besides, the hook “your data in your hands” matches perfectly with the person holding the phone. Lots of things happening at once in this ad with such a short ad copy.

#6 – Customer Service

Intercom is probably the most well-known player in the business messenger space. That´s exactly the opposite of what they portrait in this ad. They stand out by letting you know they´re more than that. They stand for personal communication, the “holy grail” of customer service apps.

#5 – Ad Optimization

It doesn´t get much more simple than this. Adzooma shows that simplicity sells. Besides, like many of the companies featured here, their offer is free. That´s always a powerful incentive to drive action.

#4 – Graphic Design

When we talk about graphic design, we have to mention Canva. In a short period of time, this ad accomplishes multiple things. The most powerful is displaying their customer´s average day and how Canva makes it better.

#3 – Ecommerce Theme

Debutify is the leading ecommerce theme for Shopify entrepreneurs. They model many of the successful ads from bigger companies outside their niche. The ad has many of the great elements we already mentioned, such as the human touch, branding, and benefit-driven ad copy.

#2 – Digital Bank

Revolut is my favorite digital bank. They´re one of the few brands in the space that combine genius marketing with excellent products and service. This ad specifically, taps into the innate human desire to help. “New” and “limited edition” are also powerful triggers that can make almost any audience pull their credit card out.

#1 – Email Automation

Some of the best SaaS LinkedIn ads are from Klaviyo, an email marketing tool specifically designed for ecommerce. This ad is smart, congruent, well designed, and hard to ignore. It stops you in your tracks! The next time you create a LinkedIn ad, think about Klaviyo.

SaaS LinkedIn Ads: Which Is Your Favorite?

There are probably a lot more great ads than these out there. This is a shortlist based on my opinion and experience, which might be different than yours.

That´s what makes advertising so fascinating. Everyone has a different perspective and can add value in many different ways. What´s your favorite from this list?

If you´d like us to do another list based on a specific niche, let us know in the comments.

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