These 19 Surprising Native Advertising Stats Might Convert You

Cost-effective placements, higher engagement, and brand-safety controls are only some of the reasons that are converting more marketers to invest in this channel.
native advertising stats

Native advertising is getting more popular amongst brands. Cost-effective placements, higher engagement, and brand-safety controls are only some of the reasons that are converting more marketers and companies to invest in this channel.

You might have heard the benefits but are still skeptical. I hear you, sometimes, even to me, it seems too good to be true.

Below are 19 surprising stats that help you get more certain about native advertising or convince your management team easily.

Native Advertising Stats

#1 – Native advertising is expected to be worth over $402 billion by 2025. (The Drum)

#2 – Only 41% of US consumers trust Facebook while premium publishers get as much as 65%. (Sharethrough)

#3 – Branded content on premium publisher´s sites creates a 50% higher brand lift compared to promoting the content somewhere else. (Nielsen)

#4 – According to US publishers, native is the second-best performing channel for video campaigns. (eMarketer)

#5 – Consumers look at native advertisements 53% more than they do display. (Outbrain)

#6 – Native advertising generates 3X higher retention rates compared to display. (MarketingLand)

#7 – Native ad placements can have CTRs of approximately 0.3% compared to 0.12% for standard IAB ad formats. (IAB Europe)

#8 – Native ads drive 18% higher purchase intent compared to display. (Sharethrough)

#9 – Native advertisements get between 20 to 60% higher engagement rates than display. (MarketingLand)

#10 – Native recommendations are 27% more trusted than social media ads. (Outbrain)

#11 – In 2021, 74% of the total ad revenue in the US came from native ads, 56% more compared to 2016. (Business Insider)

#12 – Users pay 53% more attention to native compared to banner ads. (Forbes)

#13 – The click-through rate on native ads is 8.8X higher than banner ads. (Taboola)

#14 – Consumers look at native ads 2X more than editorial content. (Sharethrough)

#15 – People who click on native ads have 9% higher brand favorability than banner ads. (Inc.)

#16 – Only 41% of brands have native advertising in their marketing strategy. (Wordstream)

#17 – Native ads are 62% easier to understand than display ads and 31% easier than social ads. (Outbrain)

#18 – Native ads can get between 5 to 10X higher CTRs compared to traditional ads. (Outbrain)

#19 – 97% of mobile media buyers said native ads were very effective in achieving branding goals. (eMarketer)

Native Ads Are Here To Stay

If you´ve been a victim of things like iOS updates or third-party cookie depreciation, you´re not alone. Rest assured, native advertising isn´t going away. In fact, many experts believe it´s the future of advertising, and spending trends prove it.

Hopefully, these stats gave you a better understanding of the benefits of native and how it compares to other channels.

You might not be thinking about replacing other channels with native, so this can also be a great addition to your media plan. Feel free to share these stats with a friend or colleague.

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