How Can Marketing Executives Best Work With Advertising Agencies

In some cases, relationships between advertising agencies and companies end up in divorce shortly after. Hey, let`s face it... a lot of work is needed to keep a relationship going. You know this isn`t only true in romance!

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In some cases, relationships between advertising agencies and companies end up in divorce shortly after.

Hey, let`s face it… a lot of work is needed to keep a relationship going.
You know this isn`t only true in romance!

It is said that at best, a relationship between vendor and buyer deteriorates in just 2 or 3 years.

The fact is most are doomed from the start! Would you agree?

If you`re planning on hiring an ad agency or you`re already with one, you might want to keep reading.

This article will provide you some insights on how to best work them and what to look for when considering an agency so you can set yourself up for success and build a long-lasting, solid relationship, free of headaches and stress.

Agency vs Executive

Before we dive any further, it`s important to remember that both ad agencies and executives have similar responsibilities and share common goals.

Therefore, we should separate the waters and get into what each side should do to strengthen the relationship.

Contrary to what the title above suggests and as you`ll discover in a few minutes, agency and executive/company must be on the same, not opposite sides.

Top Marketing Executives Know This

Let`s keep it real…

You want nothing more than to look like a superstar in front of your boss, you want to get appreciated for your efforts.

In fact, hiring an advertising agency is a big responsibility and it`s one of the most difficult decisions you`ll ever make in your career.

No executive wants to make poor decisions or fail in his duties, either. That`s why it`s important to keep the following in mind.

Define Goals Clearly

It`s going to be difficult for the ad agency to please your CEO if you don`t have clarity on what specific goals or KPIs you`re trying to reach and even surpass.

Think about your campaign goals ahead of time.
This will prevent you from wasting time later going back and forth, to discuss a matter that should’ve been sealed early on.

Does that mean goals are static?

Absolutely not. But at least, you’re giving the agency a solid base to start off with, instead of a moving target.

Provide Valuable Information

best advertising agencies

You wouldn`t go to the battlefield without studying the terrain, would you?

Then you`ll agree that you wouldn`t be doing a great job if you didn`t provide the agency with accurate and timely information about:

  • buyer personas
  • USPs
  • market positioning
  • products
  • landing pages
  • funnel flows
  • seasonal promotions
  • customer feedback

… and so forth.

The ad agency must know your company`s offerings inside and out.
But unless you share and make that information available all the time, things will most likely go south.

Adopt A “Partner Mindset”

Relationships often times fail because there`s no cohesion, each side is pulling in different directions and defending their positions.

  • “Well, I`m already busy enough, let those guys do their job, I`m sure everything is ok!” – you say to yourself.

I`m sorry to break the news for you but the mindset of “here`s the ad account, run our ads, goodbye” won`t get us far.

In order for this relationship to work, agency and executive have to team up. That means the agency is like a small outsourced team inside your company.

There’s constant communication, feedback, and learning.

The Best Advertising Agencies Have This In Common

Assuming they take their job seriously, the agency wants to exceed expectations and deliver “wow” results so they can earn the client`s trust and build a long-lasting customer relationship.

These results come in the form of referrals, which most agencies rely upon to keep growing and expanding.

To accomplish that, the agency must follow these guidelines.

Clear Expectations

The best advertising agencies have one thing in common. They set the right expectations from the get-go.

Before you start working with them, you know exactly what to expect and what kind of service you’ll be receiving.
For example, at our agency, we tell our prospects that we will provide performance marketing consulting, at no cost.

Often times things are doomed from the start simply because no one in the ad agency is capable of setting clear expectations early on.


If you`re anything like me, you don`t appreciate liers, cheaters or shortcut takers!

Much like in a romance, it`s pretty hard to keep things going if one of the parties is constantly trying to manipulate the other.

The ad agency needs to be transparent, especially with the results or lack thereof, it produces for the client.

These days, with so many reporting and analytics tools, there`s no need to hide or fake because numbers don`t lie, people do.

The Data Is Yours

best advertising agencies

Many advertising agencies still make this rookie mistake you need to be aware of.

It`s common for the agency to create new ad accounts, which then the client has no control of.

“How can that be a serious issue?” – you might think.

This is a dangerous procedure because when you, the client, say goodbye, you lose all the valuable data from the ad account gathered thus far.

In other words, it`s the agency`s ad account not yours!

Not to mention that if you start with a fresh ad account, it`s a lot harder to get results and it will cost you more money since you`re not leveraging previous data to make informed decisions.

Your Job Can Become A Lot Easier

As you can see, there`s lot of nuances that go into making the ad agency-company relationship a solid one.

It takes work!

But with a few boundaries set and precautions established ahead, your job as a revenue driver within your company gets a lot easier.

We want to start a discussion here…

What insights could you draw from this article? Let us know in the comments below.


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